7 Ways Air Conditioning Helps You Fall A Sleep

The heat of summer is hitting us hard and they depend on your habitat too such as the high temperature and excessive humidity that would wildly disparate the temperatures of both day and the night time. It can also be a combination of them both.

You might be among those several people whose sleep is greatly impacted by their environment irrespective of whatever the case is. You also might have concocted to a number of strategies for combatting the summertime weather during the night time and this is the reason why air conditioning Sydney has come up to your rescue here.

You know how hard it is to sleep during the summer when it’s hot outside. The temperature alone may be driving you to consider having air conditioning installed. Turns out there are more reasons than just comfort to sleep with the air conditioner running.

In choosing air conditioning Sydney residents could be getting the best sleep of their life. Here’s why.

Regulates temperature and humidity

Experts find that when the conditions in your bedroom are ideal, it’s much more conducive to sleep. That includes both the temperature and humidity in your space. Research shows that people tend to sleep better when the air in their room is cool.

This allows your body to really rest and fall into a deep sleep. At the same time, optimum humidity makes you more comfortable and improves your breathing ability while you’re asleep.

By turning on your air conditioner at night, you make it easy to regulate the temperature in your bedroom so that it stays consistent, allowing you to fall asleep and stay asleep all night long.

Provides health benefits

In addition to making you more comfortable, air conditioning may also ward off diabetes and other metabolic conditions. A recent study found that people who slept in chilled rooms increased the amount of good brown fat in their bodies.

This type of fat burns quickly and promotes healthy insulin sensitivity. Participants who slept in climate-controlled rooms experienced an increase in brown fat, an increase that was reversed when they went back to sleeping in a warmer room.

It’s hard to regulate the temperature without help so having an air conditioner installed in your home can help you keep the temperature in your bedroom low enough to promote this benefit without having to do much work on your part.

Gets rid of air pollutants

Finally, an air conditioner can help filter out allergens and toxins that interfere with normal breathing and which can spike symptoms of asthma and allergies.

By doing this, you can sleep more comfortably and breathe easier because the air in your bedroom will be clean and clear without anything that could wake you up and make you miserable.

The perks to sleeping with the air conditioner running should be prompting you to seek out the best air conditioners in your area. If you’re ready for better sleep, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Stop waiting and take control of your bedroom environment and your health today.

Turn the Fans on

It is a good idea to leave your ceiling fans on year-round because it helps with your energy efficiency. Saving money on your energy bills should ease your mind right off the bat.

It can also help you fall asleep and stay asleep too. That lovely breeze from the fan is soothing and can lull you nicely into a deep sleep. Fresh, circulating air is good, and you can give your air conditioning a break.

Set the Thermostat Accordingly

When you approach sleep, your body temperature falls. You need the temperature of the room that you are sleeping in to do the same thing. Ideally, your room temperature should fall to 60Fº-67Fº at night.

Make this a seamless operation by putting in a programmable thermostat, if you don’t already have one. You can set the temperature to fall automatically every night just before bedtime.

It will signal your body that it is time to go to sleep. If it is more convenient, think about putting in zone heating, which will let you control each room individually? This can be helpful if you work shift work and the family wants to use the rest of the home, or if you prefer the rest of your home generally to be warmer.

Use a timer to save money

If you only need a moment’s air conditioning to help you drift off to sleep, set a timer so that the air conditioning unit isn’t on all night. A simple 30-minute window of cool air is often enough to fall asleep and can end up saving you hundreds of dollars a year.

Clean your air conditioning filters

Air conditioners are designed to eliminate dust particles, but when unclean they can end up doing the exact opposite. Always keep your air conditioning filters clean and fresh; else you could end up with itchy skin or breathing issues.

You should use a ducted air conditioning Sydney maintenance company such as Geminair solutions who provide air conditioning servicing to clean the filters.

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