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Do you know that what is the 3C hair style. Yeah! it is a most trending hair style in these days. This hair style has a tight curls in corkscrews. So these curls could be very tight or be kinky. This hair style has more categories in it. You can make this kind of hair style with your short and as well as on long hairs. Here i will tell you some basics of this hair style. I also will tell you how to take care of this kind of hair style.

What is 3C hair style:

So now i am going to tell you that what the 3C hair style is. This is the most tight curled hair style. People curl their hairs to make this style. This is the most trending hair style of these days. So this hair style only could be make on natural curly hairs. This is most difficult to make this hair style. It is also more difficult to take care of this kind of hair style.This hair style has subdivided into more styles. I will discuss in any further article at any time.

Trending hair style:

This is a trending hair style as i told you already. This is not common for women but also for men. So most celebrities make this hair style to look attractive. Mostly blackish people make this to look bright in the people. This style can apply on short hairs as well as on long hairs. It is most hard to make this style straight. You can make it less curly but can not make it straight. So this hair style remains unchanged for the last of your life.

More 3C hair styles:

Here i will tell you some more 3C hair styles. These hair styles are so similar to 3C hair style. So take a look below on these hair styles.

1. 3B Curly hair style:

3B Curly hair style is not much tight as 3C hair style. It has curl with spirals. This ranges from corkscrews or the bouncy ringlets. Their ring shape is a size of a big marker. It is fine to medium texture. This is most famous hair style in the celebrities. This is the second thick hair style of this kind of hair style.

Caring of 3B hair style:

It is a difficult task to take care of 3B hair style. So many products have introduced for the care of your hairs. Wash your hairs with a washing 3B product well. Use LOC (liquid, oil and cream) method for the care of your curly hairs. Wash your hairs with a better shampoo. Massage your hairs with olive oil and conditioner.

There are some products for your curly hairs:

  1. ISO Bouncy Cream.
  2. Obidi Curl Gloss.
  3. Sunny Isle Jamacian black Castor Oil.

2. 3A Curly hair style:

This is also a most famous hair style in the blackish people. This is also a less tight curl hair style. It has a loop shape of alphabet “S”. It has a fine ringlets texture. Its ring shape is of a size of slide chalk. It is applicable on only the long hairs and not on short hairs.This is the most curly hair style of this trend.

Taking care of 3A hair style:

This is a very tough hair style of this kind of hair style. It is too difficult to wash this hair style. Pour very amount of water to wash this hair style. Use a better hair shampoo to wash your hairs. Massage this shampoo for 15 minutes to your head. If you have dry hairs then take oil mixture with eggs. You also may use curd with egg massage to your head. This makes your hairs oily and shiny.

I am also going to tell you some products to make your hairs attractive.

  1. L Oneal Paris Ever Curl Hydra charge Shampoo.
  2. Unwashed Bio cleaning Conditioner.
  3. Olin Handmade Hair Dew.

That is the amazing information about this kind of hair style. So this information will help you in caring and making this hair style.So keep connect with us to reach such interesting information. I will share more information about this hair style in my next article as well.

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