Does Adult Circumcision Have an Effect on Penile Sensitivity?

adult circumcision

adult circumcision

Many men consider whether you should circumcise or not. In the medical community, circumcision remains a sensitive topic. There are some who favor the procedure and agree that it can help to prevent some penis-related diseases. Whereas, others are against the procedure, and insist that it is unnecessary and detrimental to the sexual function in men’s health.  Regardless, to cut or not to cut is a decision that depends on the personal preference of men. Circumcision surgery in adults definitely has its pros and cons and helps to keep the penis healthy.

Although circumcision surgery is now quite common in the USA and many parts of the world, the major concern for most men is whether it has an effect on penile sensitivity or not. Whether performed at the time of birth, or as an adult later in life, the procedure can have a lasting effect on sexual health and physical well-being. Men who experience diminished penile sensitivity have some hope, where they can use men’s health formulas. These contain minerals and penis-specific vitamins that help to boost penile sensation, glans sensitivity and improve the overall sensitivity of the penis.

A Better Understanding of Circumcision in Men

The adult circumcision surgery is a common procedure where surgeons remove the foreskin of the penis or the dermal tissue that covers the head of the penis. This procedure is common in many parts of the globe, usually preferred at the time of the birth of boys. However, in some cases, boys aren’t circumcised and turn to Circumcision Center adult circumcision later in their life. Upon removal of the foreskin of the penis, the underlying skin covering the penis remains exposed permanently.

Why Consider the Snip?

Traditionally, men opt for this procedure for religious reasons. However, today, it has become a popular surgery that prevents several hygiene-relates issues. In the United States, it was common for infants to have a circumcised penis, but in recent years, parents opt to leave the foreskin intact. Men who were intact in childhood also opt for the procedure later in their life.

Men consider this surgery later in life for several reasons. The first being that it addresses cosmetic concerns where their partner prefers a snipped appearance of the foreskin. Sometimes, partners opt for this procedure because of foreskin related problems. At other times, men find it quite hard to retract the skin and opt for its removal to eliminate the discomfort. Sometimes, in the medical community, doctors encourage men to consider the procedure to reduce the risks of contracting some life-threatening diseases. These medical problems could be conditions like balanitis, balanoposthitis, phimosis, paraphimosis, penile cancers, infections and reduce the risks of sexually transmitted diseases.

Does Circumcision Have Any Risks?

Although adult circumcision surgery is not a harmful one and not really necessary medically, most medical professionals encourage it. However, it may have some short term side effects, including bleeding, and infections because of poor care. In rare cases, there’s a loss in penile sensitivity, where men complain they are unable to have the right pleasure at intimate times. Some aren’t able to achieve orgasm. However, there’s no valid proof to back this up and most medical experts say that circumcision has no effect on the sensitivity of the penis.

Can Penile Sensitivity Increase in Circumcised Men?

You should rest assured, even circumcised men can enjoy the same sexual pleasure as before. Most men have concerns about the loss of sensitivity, but there are better options for circumcised men. Using vitamin formulas here is the best solution, and it will help to increase penile sensitivity. Just know that penile skin is highly receptive and absorbent to nutrients. There are a number of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that provide the skin with the needed nerve tissue support.

In most cases, the use of vitamin C is beneficial since it helps to stimulate healthy circulation and keeps the skin responsive even to the slightest touch and oxygenated. To boost the sensitivity, amino acids like acetyl-L-carnitine repair and protect the nerve tissues that underline the penis skin. These nerves play a major role in the sensation of the penis. At other times, moisturizers like shea butter, vitamin E keep the glans skin soft, responsive to touch and healthy life.

Using a penile health formula is also a good choice. You can choose Man 1 Man oil, which contains a combination of antioxidants, vitamins, and moisturizers that improve the skin condition of the glans and boost penis sensation in men.

Although circumcision may not have an effect on the sensitivity of the penis, if it does, you can always turn to alternatives to restore the sensitivity. For the best results, make sure you choose experienced circumcision experts in your area. They should be able to guide you well and offer the right plan using the best circumcision technique.

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