Orthodontist Education Guide to Invisalign Do’s and Don’ts

orthodontist education

Having misaligned or crooked teeth often lowers the self-esteem of people, especially because of the smile it reveals. For straighter teeth are you planning to have Invisalign? It may be exciting to have aligners, since it will help to give you a picture-perfect smile. Wearing aligners like Invisalign is a great option because you can wear them without worrying about wearing them permanently since they are removable. You must consider some important maintenance factors when wearing these.

You always have to ensure that you keep aligners clean and ensure proper oral hygiene, which should keep your mouth odor-free at all times. As you learn about the maintenance tips, you should also ensure that you consult experts such as those that go through orthodontist education. Consulting such specialists will increase your chances of having the right treatment.

The Invisible Appliance

Compared to wearing traditional braces with metal wires, it is a better choice to choose Invisalign. It’s a revolutionary system, designed to straighten crooked and uneven gapped teeth that appear crowded as well. This consists of a series of removable trays, which help to move the teeth and take them back to their proper position.

Most patients feel happy with their choice of opting for treatment using Invisalign. They are removable and allow patients to eat anything as long as they care for their teeth properly. When wearing traditional braces, these are not clear and have metal wires. The most prominent advantage of choosing these is that they straighten the teeth. However, when wearing these braces, you may feel some discomfort because of the wires and brackets. Although they could cause soreness and a little discomfort, they work by moving the teeth just a little and getting them to a correct position.

Here are some important dos and don’ts you should consider.

Do Floss Daily

With Invisalign braces, you shouldn’t worry about the impact it will have on your lifestyle. Just consider some important dos. A visit to an orthodontist and they will guide you well on the tips to care for the invisible braces. Just make sure you consult experts who go through Gerety Orthodontic Seminars. You will learn how to remove the trays. Learn about how to brush your teeth properly, especially after meals every twice in a day. You should floss once in a day as well. It is best to brush or floss before bedtime.

Do Feel More Confident

As you wear clear aligners, you don’t have to bother about feeling conscious when you smile. You can smile freely without the need to Photoshop the pictures.

Do Eat Freely

When wearing clear aligners, you can freely eat anything. While eating,however, you should take them off. This will prevent them from limiting you from specific foods. Just make sure that after meals you brush and rinse your teeth. Put back the aligners soon. This is important because it prevents the teeth from plaque and foul-smelling bacteria growing in the teeth.  To keep the aligners clean, you should soak them for deep cleaning. You should use a retainer cleaner or denture cleaner. Antibacterial soaps may also keep the aligners clean, and they will be fresh from any bacteria.

Don’t Skip a Day

The important don’ts you should consider include not skipping a day wearing the aligners. You should wear it first thing in the morning, and leave it on through the day. It is important that you stick to the treatment. In many cases, it is a requirement that you wear it for 22 hours per day. This should show great results.

Don’t Drink or Eat With the Clear Aligners

Take off the aligners after meals. Avoid drinking fluids, except water. If you drink juices or any other beverage, it will only pool up in the aligner trays and cause stains. Chances are higher that it may lead to tooth decay and bad odor.

Don’t Use Regular Toothpastes

When handling aligners, you have to be very careful. Poor handling will only cause them to crack or break and fall out from the teeth/mouth. Avoid using regular toothpastes because they have abrasive features. This means they can create tiny holes in the aligners. It has to be clear without any added colors, which could stain aligners.

It is imperative that you focus on these dos and don’ts properly. They will help to keep the aligners clean and ensure that they last for many days to come. Investing time in proper treatment is also important because it will prevent bacterial problems. Make sure you follow this carefully. For more tips, an orthodontist Tulsa will be able to guide you further. A qualified and certified orthodontist will be able to cater to all your problems and ensure that you receive the best form of treatment.


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