Types of Dental Braces

Are you looking for different types of dental braces for your good oral health? A perfect dental pair not only helps to maintain good oral health but also gives confidence and comfort. An excellent dental brace makes your smile a more beautiful as well as reduces biting of cheek and tongue due to improper mouth space. Different types of dental Braces which are made for the specific needs of individuals irrespective of their age. Therefore it is crucial to choose correct dental braces to get a proper oral shape which also improves a charm in your face. Let’s discuss some of the types of dental braces which are mentioned below:

Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners is one of the most popular dental brace which can be removable. Clear Aligners has clear aligners to straighten several crooked teeth. This dental brace doesn’t have any trace of metal. It carefully moves teeth using a series of transparent plastic aligners. Clear Aligners are of custom-made, which gradually makes all the teeth to a proper structure.

Moreover, Clear Aligners has no metal wires or brackets. You can take off your brace out to enjoy all the foods that would be difficult to eat with a fixed brace. Just make sure you wear your brace for a minimum of 20 hours each day. This could be one of the most suitable types of dental braces for proper teeth.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

• This dental brace can be removed for eating, drinking and teeth brushing
• You can see your digital representation of how your teeth should look once you finish your treatment.

Self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces look as similar to traditional fixed dental braces that have been used to straighten teeth. Although, these braces are now available with ceramic brackets, making them far more discreet. This brace has clips instead of elastic bands to hold the brace’s wire in place. Moreover, these clips create less friction and make it easier for you to brush around your brace and keep your teeth clean during your dental treatment.

Benefits of self-ligating braces

  • Self-ligating braces are used for effective treatment of simple or complex dental problems.
  • They can also achieve precise results by giving your clinician complete control over the way your teeth move.

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Lingual braces

Lingual braces attach to the tongue side of your teeth. The best part of this dental brace is that it is not visible to others, which most of the people want. The lingual brace will look and function just like a fixed brace, using brackets and wires to move your teeth gradually. In lingual braces, the brackets are custom-made to fit the more irregular back surfaces of your teeth.

Benefits of lingual braces

• Lingual braces are completely hidden from sight
• This brace can be used to treat the majority of problems.


Retainers are not considered as dental braces because it doesn’t move your teeth; instead, their job is to hold teeth in their new position once you take suitable braces.

There are two types of retainers

  1. a) Detachable retainers
    It consists of clear vacuum-formed mouth guards that fit your teeth to hold them in the right position.
  2. b) Fixed retainers
    These are thin stainless steel wires that are permanently attached behind your front teeth where they stop your teeth from moving 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Benefits of retainers

• After a short period of wearing detachable retainers, you don’t need to wear them all day.
• Fixed retainers are very unobtrusive, and it won’t make you feel uncomfortable.

From the above details, you must have a brief idea about different types of dental braces that can improve your teeth structure. All the type of dental braces is best for your dental care. you must consult your dentist before selecting a dental brace.

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